If you are like any one of the countless fan boys (or girls) across the nation that is obsessed with Skylines, than you, much like me, will one day find yourself in the position of searching for a way to get yourself one. That begs a lot of questions however, primarily how can I legally import such a magnificent heroic car into the States? Who can I turn to and trust with this sensitive situation? That is where Nostalgia Imports comes in. The guys here gave me an answer to every question I had. And now I am sitting here with the founder of NI to ask him some questions for you. Hopefully this will give you insight into what this company is all about especially since it is coming from the man himself, Jason Kaufman. RW: So let's start with the basics. When did you come up with the idea for NI? JK: I came up with the idea when I owned my R34. When I researched the car laws in the USA I realized the R32 would be legal in 2014. That made me think about other cars that would become legal before that, that could be popular. RW: Everyone goes bananas for R34s, tell me about yours. How did you get into it and what happened to it? JK: Now thats a story. The world of finding an R34 in the States is a very hard place to be. A lot of people said they could do it, but could never deliver results until one day I found someone that had an R32 and had a good reputation on the internets. I

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