SOLD – 1989 Nissan Skyline R32

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Year:                            1989 / 12

Chassis:                       BNR32-004438

Make:                           Nissan

Model:                         Skyline

Model Extension:         GT-R

Color / Code:               KH2 / Gun Grey Metallic

Trim:                            G

E/G:                             RB26DETT

Mission / Code:            5 Speed Manual*

Mileage:                       145,72X KM *



Factory SPL Options:


Heated Side Mirrors


Known Service Points:


Past timing belt exchange

Past water pump exchange

Past A/C system R134A retrofit service

Past power transistor module exchange *suspect coil harness replaced also

Past air flow meter exchange

Past fuel I/J exchange and or refurbish

Past clutch exchange

Past accessory belts exhange


Recent alternator exchange

Recent catalytic converter exchange



Alternate Components:


A/M 18” Alloy Wheels

*New snow tires


KTS Adjustable Suspension

Nismo Front Circuit Link Kit (FUCA, FLCA, Tension Rods)

Nismo Rear Circuit Link Kit (RUCA, RTRA, RLCA)

A/M Mesh Brake Hoses

A/M HD Clutch

Section engine damper brace

GAB? Front Tower Bar


M’s K&N Filter Kit

Trust? Aluminum Intercooler

FGK Fujitusbo Stainless Exhaust System

A/M Turbo Front Pipe


Greddy Turbo Timer

Nismo Shift Handle

Nismo 260KPH Speed Meter Assy.


Sony CD Changer



Condition Report:



  • Paint shows non-original
  • Front fender, hood and bumper with repaint history. Core support / inside panels original, not major accident
  • Roof, hood, door top section, rear fender top section with early / mid level sun fade
  • Deep scratch on front bumper, LH side
  • Door window moldings peeling
  • Trunk spoiler holes patched and also blemish on paint
  • Underside clean entirely, no major rust showing


  • Panels complete from front to back
  • All electrics working including air conditioning
  • Tear on RH door panel
  • Steering handle heavily warn
  • Audio player missing
  • A/C control button missing
  • RH lower vent missing
  • Blemish on dashboard where a navi once placed
  • RH seat torn
  • LH lower kick panel (by ECU), badly cracked 
  • Engine\Power train:
  • Cold start up no problem.
  • Cold idle stable, warmed up idle again stable
  • No odd blue smoke out the exhaust when cold
  • Idling very smooth, rev-up fast, no odd sounds otherwise from engine
  • Clutch grab point little high, believe pedal can be adjusted otherwise feels like HD unit
  • Rotors show little grooved. Pad life looks fine