Current Inventory

If you see something in our Current Inventory you like you can Contact Us and we can schedule a time for you to view the car. Our Inventory is located in the United States in New York. Car prices include buyers fee, de-registration, transport, cutoms clearance, freight and wharf charges, import duties, titling, legalization, etc.


Special Order

If you have looked through our inventory and don’t see what are looking for we can special order a vehicle just for you. The procedure usually goes:

  • Contact us with your details and the details of the vehicle(s) you wish to purchase
  • We will meet in person, and sort out all of the details
  • When we meet we will accept the deposit to begin the process
  • Once a car is purchased it will be shipped here and legalized, at which point we will accept half of the full amount of the car
  • If you are coming to pick up the car we will need the remaining balance; if we are shipping the vehicle to you, we will need the remaining balance before it is transported



Price Breakdown

We have compiled an approximate pricing breakdown for each step of the process. These prices can vary depending upon type and year of vehicle, time of year, and method of shipment. Use these numbers as a guideline, if you want a custom price breakdown please Contact Us.











*All pricing is subject to change


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