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Jason Kaufman
Jason KaufmanFounder & CEO
Hey everyone, I’m Jason Kaufman. If you have ever commented or messaged us on Facebook then I am the one you spoke to. Nostalgia Imports was created from an idea that flourished into what it is today. I have always had a great passion for cars; my love for only grew at age 18. I was fortunate enough to be a proud owner of a Nissan Skyline R34 while living in New York, as many of you know that isn’t something you come across everyday and was able to make a name for myself using that car. From owning that car I was able to see the world in a different way and from that the idea for Nostalgia Imports was born. The start of Nostalgia Imports wasn’t for profit or money, but was simply built from love and gives me the opportunity to give other people the experience I had with the R34. To understand the bond one builds from sitting in the driver seat of a JDM car is something so rare and special it is only right to pass the experience to others. To be the owner and driver of a right hand drive car is an experience that is difficult to describe, it is an experience each should have for there own. I always strive to be the best especially when I am directly connected.


Siby Matthew
Siby MatthewCo-Founder

Whats up?! I am Siby Mathew. I am one of Jason’s oldest friends and partners in crime. We grew up together since the fifth grade, and always shared the same passion for cars. As a young child I have always been fascinated and intrigued by cars; doodling on the side of class notes or pinning posters up on my bedroom wall. This passion for cars turned my curiosity on and I took it a step further to how engines work and how to modify them. As I grew older and wiser I obtained a vast amount of knowledge and experience from regular maintenance to building motors. All of my friends always ask for my two cents before making any car decisions, and it is a pleasure to always help others. I am a volunteer fireman and working as a construction inspector/project manager all over Long Island. When Jason approached me with this idea, I was stoked and honored that he would have me part of his team. I couldn’t turn the opportunity down even with my busy schedule.

“The hobby and love of cars has shaped and molded my life and that can never be taken away from me.”