Importing to the USA

Nostalgia Imports provide the most informed and reliable importing service for Japanese imports Nation wide. With our knowledge of the import process and access to thousands of cars at auction each week, we will be able to source the best car for you.


Importing cars to the USA from Japan

Our process is simple and is typically involves the following steps:

  • Once you are ready to go ahead we will require a deposit. We will then get all the necessary details concerning the vehicles you are looking for e.g Color, Milage and options as well as your budget and begin searching for cars that fit your description.
  • When appropriate vehicles are found we will send you photos and a full description. We will then provide you with a first hand description of the vehicle from Auction. With this information you can decide if you’d like to bid and up to how much. Please note that we will never bid on a car for you without your full approval and designated budget.
  • A full set of photos will be sent once the car hits the holding yard; usually 3-4 days after purchase. The shipping cost will vary with size of the vehicle and time of year, but generally it will range between $1,000 and $2,000. Please call or email us directly for a customized quote. All paperwork necessary for export will be arranged and the car will be transported to the wharf for shipping. Cars are put on the first available ship usually 3-6 weeks after purchase. Shipping times vary, but will generally take around 30-35 days.


Vehicles eligible for import into the USA

  • Any vehicle that is at least twenty-five (25) years old (to the month/year of manufacture) is eligible to be imported into the USA, fully exempt of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (Department of Transport) and Environmental Protection Agency (vehicle emissions) standards or import restrictions.
  • Any vehicle that was originally manufactured to meet the NHTSA (DOT) & EPA standards, such as USDM cars like a Chevrolet Corvette or European exotic from USA, can be repatriated back to America without import restriction.
  • Any vehicle that is a non-US spec vehicle (Not DOT & EPA compliant), such as JDM cars like a Nissan Skyline, you must hire a DOT-registered importer and have them conform the vehicle to U.S. standards upon importation.



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