As the law states only cars that are 25 years old and older can be imported into the United States. If the vehicle meets this requirement then the car can be imported.

there are 2 problems with this:


1. People can be turned back at the boarder for any reason. In the past people have been turned back when they suspect someone is crossing the boarder to do exactly that.


2. The 25 year rule still applies to cars from Canada or Mexico, just because you can drive it into the United States does not mean it can be registered in any of the states. You always need the car to be signed off by a Customs Inspector.

We always try to have at least 1-2 car in inventory here in the United States.

Once the car is on the boat it takes about 1 month to reach New York, from there the car has to be inspected. Once it passes inspection we pick it up and do a full assessment on the car.

We buy our cars directly from auto auctions throughout Japan or from dealers available through our extensive network.

Once we have received a deposit and the information about the car you have inquired about, we can start searching and send you possible matches. Once you have been given all the necessary information regarding the car of interest and you give us the go ahead to purchase, we will source your car.

Typically, shipping from Japan to New York takes about 30-35 days.

If you feel there is a question that you and many other people have that we have no addressed here, Contact Us and we will add it


Thank you for your support